7 Things to Consider Before Applying for a Student Visa

Canada offers excellent educational opportunities for anyone that wants to travel and stay with the proper student visa. Immigration lawyers help thousands of students each year to get the visa necessary to continue or begin a college degree plan. Below are seven things to consider before seeking your visa.

1. Do You Have the Ability to Show Proof of Funds to Pay for Classes?

One of the requirements when applying for a student visa is to show proof of funds to pay for classes and expenses. The better you can detail for financial planning, the likelier it is you’ll get the visa.

2. Have You Applied and Received an Approval Letter?

You need to have a solid approval letter from a school that shows your expected start date. You can try to transfer schools once you are started in a college, but to gain a student visa, a plan must be in place that includes acceptance to an institution of higher learning.

3. Are You Proficient in English or French?

English and French are the official languages of Canada are the primary spoken and written forms of communication. It’s imperative you have a good working grasp of one or both languages. Take an online course to help improve your skills if needed.

4. Are You Aware of How Many Course Credits Will Transfer?

If you are transferring from a university in your home country, are you aware of how many of your current course credits will transfer for your degree plan? It will help determine how long it will take to earn your degree and whether you have to retake a few courses.

5. Are You Seeking Short-Term Training or a Degree?

If you are looking at taking a short training that lasts less than 6-months, you might not necessarily need a student visa. You can possibly get what you need to be done with a temporary visa. Check with knowledgeable immigration lawyers and the school you plan to attend for specifics. The Bellissimo Law Group website is a valuable resource for more information and insights.

6. Work and Study Part-Time

A work visa is another way to squeeze some schooling in without a student visa. You will have to follow all of the requirements of the demands on a work visa, but it can be easier than the student visa if you don’t have proof of funds for an entire degree plan.

7. Do You Plan to Seek Employment in Canada After Schooling?

Begin applying for a work visa if you are nearing the completion of your last year in school when planning to try and start your career in Canada. Applying early enough will make this a smoother transition. You can take advantage of the assistance of the school in locating jobs.

Make an appointment with immigration lawyers to find out more specifics on gaining a student visa if you plan of trying to go to school in Canada.

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