7 Types of Medical Cannabis That Make Great Gifts

Since the Canadian government legalized marijuana, the pot industry has contributed more than $8.25 billion to the nation’s gross domestic product. Although the novelty of marijuana has waned, causing sales to drop, it is still an enormous market. Whenever there is a demand for something, the private sector will provide the supply, many of which are unique and ingenious.

Are you interested in trying something more than just smoking a joint in your apartment? Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you can experiment with all sorts of goodies that will satisfy your sweet tooth or allow you to improve your looks and rejuvenate your skin at the same time.

The marketplace has delivered on changing marijuana consumption into mass market development. It is only a matter of time before producers come up with something that goes beyond chocolate and gummies. Marijuana-Fueled gasoline? Who knows?

Below are seven types of medical cannabis products that make great gifts:

1. Cannabis Chocolates

For the marijuana aficionado out there, what better way to treat yourself than buying enjoying a concoction of cannabis and chocolate? Indeed, those times when days are rough and you are frustrated, you can indulge in cannabis chocolate and allow your stress to melt away. Just be sure you take it easy on the servings!

2. Cannabis Gummies

Gummies might be your sweet of choice as much as it was back when you were a child. Now, you have an excuse to imbibe a package of gummies by doing a taste test of cannabis gummies.

Of course, it is important to remember that you need to hide them from your children (if applicable) so they do not accidentally consume cannabis.

3. Cannabis Beverages

Wait a minute… You can drink weed now? Yep, and many consumers say it is delicious. It might be hard to swallow the fact that cannabis beverages taste divine, but the sales figures suggest that consumers are giving them the big thumbs up.

4. Medical Cannabis

Because cannabis has been such a controversial subject for governments and markets, many pharmaceutical companies have not invested as much into developing products that contain cannabis.

Well, since Canada has legalized weed and many jurisdictions across the United States are doing the same, you are beginning to see a lot of medical items that contain cannabis. We have read about all the benefits of doing weed for health reasons, now you can try it and determine if it is a worthwhile investment in reducing your pain.

5. Cannabis Oil

This ties into the previous point…

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is being used by consumers who suffer from chronic pain, constant nausea, anxiety, and a whole host of other medical issues. What makes cannabis oil so popular is that these types of medical cannabis contains small amounts of THC, so you will not have much of a high as you would smoking marijuana and you will not endure the psychoactive reactions.

Put simply, you get the desired outcome of cannabis oil, but it will not make you feel like Cheech and Chong.

6. Cannabis Beauty Products

No, you are not going to get high by applying makeup infused with cannabis. What makes cannabis an attractive ingredient in makeup production is that it consists of numerous anti-inflammatory properties because they contain cannabinoid receptors in your skin.

Moreover, according to many retailers that sell these beauty products, many types of medical cannabis provide muscle pain relief among other benefits. So, who would want these kinds of products? The data point to suburban women, surprisingly.

7. Cannabis Capsules

Do you want the effects of cannabis without having to light up marijuana, smoke for 15 minutes, and then cover your entire body in that smell? Well, cannabis capsules may be what you are looking for. Rather than smoking marijuana, you take cannabis capsules like medicine. They look like vitamin pills.

You can actually liken it to vitamin consumption. Instead of having to monitor your diet to ensure you are getting all your nutrition, you will swallow a vitamin pill and get most of your vitamins. The same principle applies to cannabis capsules: You get the high you need to alleviate discomfort and pain.

Are you interested in trying something new? Well, because cannabis is no longer taboo and it is being legalized around the world, the private sector is coming up with all sorts of uses for marijuana. Many of these products are manufactured for recreational consumption or to treat health ailments. Whatever the case, you now have a myriad of choices, from improving your skin to relaxing the bones in your body, thanks to all different types of cannabis products.

No longer do you need to smoke weed to get high. You can just eat gummies or swallow tablets.