7 Ways to Make Things Easier on Your Movers

You hire a moving service when relocating your belongings on your own would be a huge hassle or borderline impossible. Whether you have a lack of equipment, vehicle space, or physical ability, movers Vancouver supply everything that you need to keep things simple. However, without the proper preparation, your movers might have a hard time as well. By doing all of the following, you can make things easier for your moving company and ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

1. Pack Before Moving Day

Many moving companies offer packing services, but if you don’t intend to use them, you should do your best to make sure that everything is packed come moving day. By ensuring that everything is ready to go, you can minimize downtime and potentially save on moving costs. When everything is already packed, moving is as simple as loading and unloading the truck.

2. Label Boxes Correctly

Everybody benefits from you labelling your boxes. Your movers will know where to unload the boxes, and you won’t have to hang around directing traffic. If all of the boxes wind up in the right location, unpacking is also much easier. Similarly, you should label boxes that are fragile so that your movers know when to be extra careful.

3. Clear Obstructions and Create Easy Access

You want to make sure that your movers are able to do their jobs safely and as conveniently as possible. At both your old house and your new house, do your best to clear obstructions and make sure that your movers have a clear, easy path from the home to their truck. Make sure that they have a convenient place to park and that there aren’t any parking limitations or designated moving hours.

4. Empty Drawers

Dressers, desks, cabinets, and anything else with drawers should be emptied and packed prior to moving day. Dressers full of clothes are significantly heavier than those that have been emptied, so clearing out all of the contents makes things easier on your movers.

5. Be Available

You may be hiring movers because you are too busy to do it yourself, but you should still do your best to be available during the move. Generally, you should stick around so that you can answer questions, but if you have to leave, let your movers know how they can reach you.

6. Carry Valuable Items with You

If you have cash, jewellery, or medications, among other things, it’s probably best for both parties if you keep those things with you. By keeping these things on you, you give your movers one less thing to worry about, and you also won’t have to stress about valuable items getting lost or broken.

7. Make Them Aware of Difficult Items Ahead of Time

If you have pianos or particularly large and awkward pieces of furniture, you should inform your movers ahead of time. This way, they will be able to prepare and make the proper arrangements to remove these items safely and appropriately.

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